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Making waves in offshore sailing

Working with the organisers of a new round the world boat race, we helped develop and communicate on what we think is the most innovative sustainability program this sport has ever seen.

The Race Around, which sets sail from Europe in summer 2023, is for competitors in a Class40 boat (they have a maximum length of 40 feet). Classes have different, and sometimes, complicated, rules but this one allows for boats to be made from sustainable materials.

The vast majority of sailing boats are currently constructed using energy intensive methods that produce high levels of carbon, nitrogen and sulphur dioxide. At the end of life most are sent to landfill. 

Class40 Fleet Photo Thomas Deregnieaux .
Atlantic Cup Fleet 3 Photo Billy Black.j

Their Futures Program aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the boat building process by introducing new methods and materials to move away from the traditional use of fibreglass.
They’re offering incentives for competitors to build and refit sustainably and working with academics and industry to understand the data then building a prototype to prove that these groundbreaking processes don’t limit performance or affect safety.

It’s the start of a journey to influence and act as a ripple effect to show the wider sailing industry the way to a greener future. 

The coverage in key sailing and environmental media has led to some interesting feedback as we continue to help shape the future of the sport of sailing.

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