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A race for ocean health

Pure Ocean’s mission is to contribute to the protection of fragile marine ecosystems and biodiversity whilst also organising events to increase public understanding of the critical pressures our ocean faces. 

We worked with the French foundation on the communications and campaign for the first three editions of the sailing race from Saint-Pierre et Miqulon, off the east coast of Canada, to Lorient, France. The Pure Challenge aim was to beat a 33 year-old sailing record for the crossing whilst highlighting the need for greater ocean research and protection.

Onboard one of the race boats, Pure Ocean founder David Sussman recorded scientific data and posted regular social media updates. Readers in their thousands signed a petition calling on the French Government, European Commission and other potential funders to finance ocean research projects.

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The record was beaten and widespread national media interest in France and Canada, alongside international media coverage, raised awareness of the foundation’s mission. 

We are currently working hard to communicate on the 2022 edition of the race, from Bermuda to Lorient, and Pure Ocean's ongoing work to increase scientific understanding of the plight our seas face.

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