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Campaigns for long-term change

We have worked with the global conservation organisation campaigns and programmes for over a decade during a time of accelerated digital development. The breadth of issues we have worked on related to environmental protection targeted at influencing the public, business practices and governmental policies.

The way stories were told about how climate change was affecting the planet and how the public could be part of the solution went through significant change over this period. Initially the perception people had was that this was a problem that was so big that they couldn’t do anything to make a difference.

There was a shift in the strategic approach so people felt that they could be part of the solution. Making it aspirational increased engagement levels and action through empowerment leading to some really impactful outcomes.

Influencing EU chemical legislation to outlaw harmful chemicals found in household items by showing how we all had these in our bodies, through blood testing, made this complicated, political issue something that resonated with everyone. The same was true by linking the deforestation of the rainforests in the Amazon and Borneo with our wood product buying habits. This resonated by making the global-local connection between a problem that was half way around the world and the actions of someone in the UK.

The use of celebrity ambassadors to increase media interest in environmental issues, particularly mass market publications, also gave the NGO the opportunity to reach a less informed audience.


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