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Turning the tide on ocean pollution

Sporting events have the potential to influence followers and the nine-month global race led the way in promoting the issues and solutions needed to help restore ocean health. We delivered a series of international high-level ocean health conferences at selected stopovers of the round the world boat race and developed the global communications of the round the world boat race and its pioneering, multi-award winning, sustainability programme.

After strategically selecting the city stopovers by establishing criteria to maximise the  impact of the event, programme curation factored in local environment issues and provided a platform for international organisations, national governments and businesses to make bold announcements on measures to improve ocean health.

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"These Ocean Summits that bring together the worlds of sport, industry, government, science and ocean advocates are a vital part of the collaborative steps that are being taken to take the ubiquitous pollution of the ocean with plastic debris as well as the border threats to the ocean health."

HRH Prince Charles

Prince of Wales


Through selective speakers and audience targeting, the events built momentum as the quality event production provided an outstanding physical event and immersive experience for those joining virtually.

Using the sailors as spokespeople and scientists, in some cases, as they collected vital data on ocean health from remote corners of the globe, took purpose driven events to a new level. Partnering with UN Environment’s Clean Seas campaign and Sky, amongst many others, gave added credibility and brought the programme to the attention of key influencers and decision makers.

Widespread international media coverage, with innovative use of digital technology brought the race for ocean health to the attention of hundreds of million homes globally, data analysis showed.

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