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Tales of transition

Energised by the UN Paris Agreement of 2015, Stories of Change offered a popular and engaging route into thinking about the past and present and imagining possible futures for energy production and consumption.

A series of case studies documented how individuals and communities have taken the lead in redefining how we source and use electricity. A Hebridean islands efforts to harness the power of the wind to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and benefit society alongside inner city projects to address fuel poverty helped to bring the work to life.

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In collaboration with Renewable Energy England, the outputs were used to engage and inspire people to re-evaluate their relationship with energy. The collected content was used for a photographic exhibition, on media channels, at conferences and also with politicians in Westminster.

Supported by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council, the resource has also acted as a database for media outlets and journalists looking for positive examples of how real people are responding to the challenges of transitioning to a low carbon future.

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