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Giving a voice to millions 

Community Action Network International is the world’s largest climate network made up of over 1,500 civil society organisations, in over 130 countries, campaigning for action to tackle the climate crisis.

Their team were registered participants, representing the voices of civil society, at the UN Climate Change Conference, COP 26 in Glasgow, United Kingdom. Curve supplied communications support during this crucial opportunity to achieve change in global climate policy and deliver decisive action. 


Working with an international team, we turned around news stories on the CAN daily press conferences within one hour after the event and engaged with media to highlight the need for urgent climate action.  Writing the daily, satirical, ‘Fossil of the Day’ award results news, we shone a light on the failure to act and hypocrisy shown by some nations, to global media.  Working to tight deadlines we were also able to promote their valuable work, and reactive comments. 

Whilst the outcome of the negotiations failed to deliver on expectations, through the network’s dedicated work, the voices of millions of people who are most acutely feeling the effects of climate change in their daily lives were heard on an international platform in chilly Glasgow.

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